February 25, 2004

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When life was turned inside out......

I remember the exact moment my life was turned inside out.  As I lay on the table watching the ultrasound, the doctor was making small talk.  He had mentioned that this would be a short ultrasound since the previous one had been so complete.  He was just making sure that everything was good.  Then he stopped talking.  He continued to look at the screen and seemed confused.  He began to talk to his assistant in German.  I began to get scared and immediately started to pray.  It was more of a one sided conversation with God.  I told Him that I was scared and that I really needed some peace and that I wasn't sure what was going on but I needed the strength to handle whatever it was.  This was the first time that I remember turning to the Lord as a first response.  Usually I would fret and worry and then would pray.  I believe it was the Holy Spirit with me that prompted me to seek His comfort.  The whole time it was as if everything stopped.  The world stood still as I waited for the doctor to say something.  Finally he broke the silence to tell me that 'something' seemed to be wrong.  There was an unusual amount of blood flow to the brain and he was referring me to a specialist to confirm what was going on.

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